Audiovisual Content

Creating a compelling visual narrative is our biggest strength. Here are some examples of how Framemov has gracefully crossed between means to create engaging audiovisual content for our clients.

Not only are we fluent in motion graphics, but we also are specialized in creating 3D animation for unusual formats.

We praise the engagement and translation of our clients' values and principles either on a large 14m table for the launch of Lindt's Pick&Mix chocolate or with 35 LED split-screen telling Picasso's story for Orange.

Framemov also has experience creating distinct audiovisual content for the medical industry, such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, research groups, and medical societies.

And although we love a more traditional approach, we are excited to pioneer real-time animation, using Unreal Engine & Notch's new technologies.

Framemov helps creators develop beautiful but fast graphics for cinematic audiovisual projects, video games, or musical video clips.






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