By framemov / 31 May, 2022

Framemov at ISE 2022

Framemov is 1 of the 10 companies selected by Barcelona Activa to be present at its stand at ISE 2022 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the world’s leading exhibition for AV and systems integration professionals. The 2022 edition will be the first full-fledged ISE show to take place at the […]

By framemov / 28 March, 2022

The Process of creating an interactive Exhibition

At Framemov we were contacted by the Barcelona city council to create an interactive exhibition for the rehabilitation of dwellings. They wanted a one-year itinerant installation that will be roaming from town to town in order to draw attention to the current structural quality of buildings and houses.

By framemov / 31 January, 2022

Volvemos: Off Llum BCN 2022

Tras la última edición donde participamos con The Cube, os anunciamos que los días 4 al 6 de febrero de 2022 Framemov vuelve al Off Llum Bcn, un circuito de instalaciones lumínicas de pequeño y mediano formato, ideado y producido por Poblenou Urban District. Es un recorrido alternativo al Festival de Artes Lumínicas Llum […]

By framemov / 30 September, 2021

The future is immersive

How immersive spaces help connecting with the audience and embrace storytelling We naturally like to be surprised, and nowadays this is becoming more and more complicated. In every sense of the word. We are getting used to the fact that most of the material we consume on a daily basis […]

By framemov / 11 August, 2021

Ilumina Ávila 2021 tendrá lugar los próximos días 20 y 21 de agosto

El espectáculo de videomapping ‘Ilumina Ávila’, que tendrá lugar los próximos días 20 y 21 de agosto, se dedicará  a los rostros de la pandemia, los profesionales de todos los ámbitos que han estado y continúan estando en la lucha diaria contra el coronavirus. Se recupera el espectáculo de videomapping […]

By framemov / 15 June, 2021

Virtual Music Events

Events in the world of music and virtual events during Covid-19. Since the pandemic began, many sectors have been greatly affected, including the music industry. An infinity of impressive festivals and galas have been held all over the world, but many of them have been canceled, since they did not […]

By framemov / 6 May, 2021

One year since the VFM interview

In VFTM 3.2 you will discover how Jorge’s beginnings in the world of video mapping, how it has evolved throughout time and how he used the quarantine to investigate and upgrade the company services.

By framemov / 15 April, 2021

Holy Stream Artist’s Interview

Interview with: VJ RipdaPuffin Where did you get the inspiration for this virtual VJ set? Sometimes I’m very literal, Easter was the reason for the show and it’s full of interesting symbolism. I couldn’t help but do a tribute to ‘The to various festivities’, footage from the old Studio54 and […]

By framemov / 23 February, 2021

Valkiria Hub Space interviews our Creative Director

Workplace Innovation company Valkiria joins Jorge Escobar at Valkiria Afterwork to talk about how the audiovisual sector has had to reinvent itself during the pandemic. The situation in which we have found ourselves since 2020 has led practically all audiovisual companies to adapt to new conditions, to which a few […]