Events in the world of music and virtual events during Covid-19.

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Since the pandemic began, many sectors have been greatly affected, including the music industry. An infinity of impressive festivals and galas have been held all over the world, but many of them have been canceled, since they did not comply with the restrictions and indications that must be carried out. Even so, the big events have been very successful in finding a way out of this situation.

Thanks to the technology we have today, they have been able to broadcast virtually, allowing us to see our artists dance and sing without any problem; and if that wasn’t enough, the artists’ performances have also been given an amazing twist, combining their talent with environments that make their performances even more impressive and unique looking.

In this way, the events themselves have become a unique spectacle as a whole with their performances being truly crazy, but we have still been able to see that each one has taken it to their own territory. These differences can be seen even more clearly in the different galas and awards in the different continents: America, Europe, and Asia.

One of the first was the United States through the MTV VMA 2020, Billie Eilish’s online concert, and several performances by Katy Perry in different programs, broadcast on TV. The artists’ performances took place in unique and different scenarios due to the measurements, but that allowed the virtual production to create stunning environments for them that shone on their own.

In the case of Europe, during the MTV EMA 2020 or Junior Eurovision, it decided to incorporate the green screen and LED screens with which it was able to integrate its audience, creating a grandiose room making the look of the gala closer to what it would have been before. And just as in America, the artists performed in totally different venues, creating unique atmospheres in keeping with their songs and styles. 

And Asia takes the cake when it comes to online galas, bringing virtually all of its music events into the world of virtual reality. Most of the performances looked like they were done in the same place, but thanks to the virtual production and LED screens, they simulated that they were totally different places. These events have been a combination of what has been done in America and Europe and also adding their own details, making them look spectacular.

All these scenarios and environments in which the singers look stunning, are not made with just any program. They are made through specialized software in the creation of graphics, structures and 3D simulations in which people or objects can be embedded through green screen or Led (Unreal Engine & Aximmetry). Moreover, they can be seen in real time and have the physical cameras, which are in our set, synchronize with the 3D camera that is inside our virtual world (Disguise & Notch).

Framemov has not been left behind. As a result of our appreciation for listening live to the sessions of our favorite DJs in the best venues, Frameroom was born. When Covid-19 arrived, this digital space was ideal to continue enjoying live music. We offer the possibility to hire the design and realization of virtual streamings for any purpose on our LED screen or green screen sets and apply mixed realities to your streamings.