After some years of frames and renders, paired with the rise of interaction and audiovisual experiences, it was time to elevate our image. So, we unveiled a new logo to match the awesome work we are doing as a referent creative studio in Barcelona.

The new logo was created collaboratively by Framemov’s internal design team to fit in with the studio philosophy: adaptability. It features a specially created extra bold sans-serif F that adjusts to where it is screened. This makes the logo work better in reductions and has also helped us to stand out from competitors. The color scheme also eludes the existence of light. The black being the absence of it and the white being the reflection of all colors.

The result responds to a very clear and specific briefing. Framemov adapts to every customer’s needs to achieve its purpose of communication, the task was to renew the brand by evolving it. ” Jorge Escobar – Framemov’s CEO

Throughout the use of typography and shapes, we created a new graphic universe for the brand. “We transformed the brand with modern motion graphics creating a more dynamic look and feel”, explains Ana, the Art Director of Framemov. 

Due to the creative concept “adaptability”, we found that our logo reduction needed to also be adaptable to the different screen formats, so we decided to create 2 more icon versions so we can use them to generate patterns and new graphic resources for the brand.

In addition, its main claim ‘We design your event’ has been modified, which has become ‘You dream, we create’. For us, complying with the client dreams has always been our driver and we were looking for a claim that would create something that was relevant, different and that had something positive. ‘You dream, we create’ is a direct message, which appeals to creativity, tells who we are and increases the knowledge of the brand. It refers to dedication and commitment; a 100% dedicated human team. It is a claim that connects the client with the creative», highlights Joan, the Creative Producer of Framemov.

The launch of the new brand reinforces Framemov’s mission as a content provider for private companies or public services. It not only presents the brand values ​​and the conceptual and visual elements of the branding identity but also provides unique communication between Framemov and the public.

Also a new audiovisual piece, that is part of the campaign and that underlines the values ​​of Framemov, is launched for bolstering the new brand. The spot features a mix of typography and shapes, helping us to transmit our reason to be, services and helps us to reinforce our storytelling.