Live stream from the past 26th of March, with live performances of DJ Amable & VJ Ripdapuffin.

The event was held at the Valkiria IFF space in Barcelona, which has a large chroma where the artists were able to perform. The technical part was provided by the company Audiovisualbcn, which was in charge of the lighting, cameras and broadcasting in the different streaming platforms of Frameroom.

The Framemov team designed a disco-style stage in Unreal Engine, set in the 70s and 80s according to the artistic style of the visual artist. Ripdapuffin is a passionate fan of old tube TVs, so we took advantage of this reference to imagine an environment in which they were the main protagonists.  The screens were the support where you could see the visuals that Ripdapuffin mixed in real-time during the session. To accompany the show we designed an LED lighting system which was controlled by DMX and video.

The realization and control of virtual cameras was also controlled by Framemov using Aximmetry software. Aximmetry allows integration between real and virtual environments in real-time. We can design virtual worlds in Unreal Engine and introduce people in it by using chromas or Led screen with a great quality and result.

We have made a short interview of the artists, do you want to know more? Click here.

Stage Design: @framemov / VJ set: @Ripdapuffin & DJ set: @djamable / Technical set up: @audiovisualbcn Espacio: @valkiriahubspace #valkiriasocial

Just send us a proposal to with your music or visual creations and will take it into consideration.