Coronavirus restrictions have plunged the cultural industry into a deep crisis as users are unable to enjoy live performances from their favorite artists.

Far from giving up, the sector has had to reinvent itself, renewing its usual proposals to adjust more effectively to the demands of every day more technologically advanced audience.

The reality is that we are moving towards a hybrid model of life and streaming. This is what is already happening with football. For economic or geographical reasons, not everyone can watch a game in the stadium, but they do so in the tranquillity of their home. Therefore, the cultural industry has to reconvert its traditional business model, putting its forces into a new format of culture consumption and distribution, mainly through the Internet and mobile phones as new channels that will make this new type of cultural consumption model profitable.

A very interesting example of success is the case of Scenikus, a streaming platform that allows you to attend live shows and concerts from all over the world, accessing all the culture from the same place. The first platform in Spain to offer tickets and online access for an unlimited number of spectators to live shows. They have an agreement with Amazon Web Services for the use of their “live streaming” system that allows this access without restrictions.

It is a very complicated moment and due to the break of regular activities, artists now need a solution to monetize their talent. They can upload their content on Youtube or Instagram, but even with millions of visits, they do not get much economic return. Other platforms have time or user limitations. Scenikus is a very good service that transmits trust and offers guarantees, both for them and for the public, by monetizing each ticket sold.

Another example that we will highlight is the case of VRTIFY, the first augmented reality, and virtual music platform. They offer us the possibility of watching & interacting with thousands of artistic content from around the world. Without a doubt, the future of entertainment streaming goes through the integration of new technologies, and VRTIFY is triumphing over mixing realities. Besides, their platform allows you to monetize any content since these are sold through the APP that they generate and where all this content is stored so that fans have quick access.

In Framemov we appreciate a good night out listening to the best DJs live. As visual artists, we adore when there is a proper VJ set, and if it’s on an amazing stage, we just become mesmerized. So when COVID-19 hit us, we figured a way to still be able to enjoy the best Dj & Vj sessions. We decided to create a digital place, where all creative enthusiasts are welcome and where we could stream and record our live sessions. Sharing is caring, that’s how Frameroom was born.

Frameroom is our new brand.  It is a meeting point for artists, creatives, and people who are just starting in this field. It’s a community to share knowledge & art, but above all, it allows us to take another step towards a hybrid community system. Either through our workshops in situ or as a streamed virtual DJ/VJ sessions that will make you freak out and consider if what you see is real or not.

Framemov offers the possibility of purchasing the design and realization of virtual streamings for any purpose. Apply mixed realities to your streamings with our LED screen or GREEN SCREEN sets. These streamings can be applied for corporate events, music, education, and many others.

The virtual revolution has arrived and we are part of it. Thanks to revolutionary platforms as Scenikus, VRITFY & our solutions in Framemov the virtual revolution in the creative world is assured, whether or not there is a Global Pandemic.

by Joan Jarque Soler – Creative Producer en Framemov