Interview with: VJ RipdaPuffin

Where did you get the inspiration for this virtual VJ set?

Sometimes I’m very literal, Easter was the reason for the show and it’s full of interesting symbolism. I couldn’t help but do a tribute to ‘The to various festivities’, footage from the old Studio54 and my classic loops that I always play with DJ Amable at Razzmatazz. All spiced up with Gnomalab‘s ‘Digital video glitches’ texture pack.

What do you think about AR/VR/MR/XR stage collaborations with DJs/VJs? DJs/VJs? and why?

It’s a new field where the weight of the two artists is more balanced. The digital channel is so different from the club channel that I think the audience is still maturing the way they consume this kind of culture. I don’t think that streaming will replace the club, but I’m sure they can still complement each other in still very creative ways that are still to come.

And how was the collaboration with the Framemov team?

It’s always a pleasure to work with such a professional team. They provided us with a fantastic set, with all the technology and know-how to generate a It’s a luxury!

To end on a humorous note: any funny backstage anecdotes?

After passing our antigen tests I set up my VJ set by NDI. I couldn’t connect to the control, even though I had done it successfully before. I had done it successfully before. Nothing that a good video capturers can’t solve 😉

Any final thoughts or recommendations for other artists who want to join the virtual revolution by going live on Frameroom?

Don’t hesitate, it’s a great and fun experience. They have a lot of technical and artistic ability in virtual stage design. The camera movements are spectacular.

If you want to know more about technical details of the streaming, click here.