Framemov has been invited to the 4th edition of the Jornades Tiim to talk about virtual environments and technological solutions.

The Association of Music Promoters of the Valencian Community together with Turisme Comunitat Valenciana offers annual professional conferences with the aim of engaging different agents that are within the music and tourism field. Jornades Tiim are created with a very clear mission: to link the Valencian music industry, tourism organizations, and other sectors of productivity in order to establish a joint path that bets on the progress of Tourism-Music.

The main theme of this year’s edition was the technological sector in the creation of events. Managers and journalists from different companies in the sector were invited to the meeting and offered talks and debates on technological solutions for festivals, new broadcasting formats, smart cities, music cities, among others. A remarkable importance was given to the metaverse as an emerging resource in events. 

Jorge Escobar, CEO and creative director of Framemov was invited along with other industry professionals to talk about virtual environments, technological solutions when creating an event, technical knowledge and, of course, the metaverse. Of the latter, in accordance with his training and the nature of the studio, he offered a more technical vision to help understand how we can translate this virtual universe into the day-to-day running of events. 

Presenting and analyzing some of our own virtual production projects, in this year’s conference we had the opportunity to reflect on the present and the future of the metaverse and the current technologies that bring us closer to it. 

We explained how films such as Ready Player One show us in a very graphic way the direction this virtual world is taking and what shape it could take in a decade’s time, bringing about a technological and even social paradigm shift. But the reality is that we still have a long way to go to reach this level of immersion and connectivity.

Nevertheless, we are getting closer to this post-reality universe. We currently have technologies that, while inviting us to scratch the surface of this possibility, also offer us multiple practical uses in the world of events. As Escobar explains, these are the doors that will lead us to the metaverse we want to reach: extended realities, augmented reality, virtual reality, and motion capture. 

These tools are progressing and evolving at an ever-increasing pace, and their possibilities are multiplying every week and with every experiment carried out with them. We invite you to watch our video summary to learn more about their uses and possibilities and our experience with them!

The metaverse is, in short, a phenomenon that is already setting foot in the technological reality and that will be arriving with great force. Brands, artists, and technology companies that are dedicated to the virtual world have to be present in its development to participate in its evolution and, as in any emerging phenomenon, to understand its uses, limitations, and experiment with its possibilities in order to offer a good experience. 

We are very grateful for the invitation and the opportunity to share our views with members of the industry, and we look forward to attending again next year!

Joan Ibáñez and Alex Pilligua – Digital Documentalist | Community Manager at Framemov