Celebrated on the 21st of October, this 5-hour event was streamed through youtube live and zoom. ACTIVAGE Virtual Day‘s objective is to allow patients, doctors, and engineers in the program to express their final thoughts and present their results despite the sanitary crisis.

The event featured more than 30 participants from 7 different countries and was streamed through Zoom for over 300 attendees. On YouTube it surpassed 1000 views.

To overcome the limitations imposed by the pandemic, we proposed to the Activage team an event with xR technology in which we could create different virtual environments for each of the sessions and all the speakers could take part in the event either in person or digitally. For the presentations, we had Augmented Reality elements that interacted in real-time with the participants.

Virtual Environments

For the virtual set, we have designed 4 Real-time environments to be synchronized with virtual and physical cameras, creating immersive and totally interactive environments. To bring the environments into life, we have mixed animations with texturized 3D objects that were later integrated into the final shot with Notch.

Technical Set Up

To carry out the ACTIVAGE event we use xR technology, or extended reality, thanks to the workflow between Disguise’s media servers and the Notch real-time rendering engine. This technique allows you to mix virtual and physical worlds using augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) in live production environments to create fully immersive experiences.


“Entrusting Framemov with the content design and production of this event was crucial… we didn’t know the technology but the whole process was very simple thanks to their experience and we achieved results far beyond what was expected”

Lidia Manero Mijangos | Marketing & Communication | Medtronic Ibérica S.A.


  • Creative & Technical Director: Jorge Escobar
  • Art Direction: Ana Franco
  • Producer: Joan Jarque
  • 3D Designs: Mario Seoane
  • Sound: Miguel Ángel Cuadrado
  • Technical Partner: WOW
  • Softwares Used: Disguise, Notch VFX

If you want to know more about this technology you can find more information here.