After the success in the Areas Challenge 2018 with our motivational video, Areas trusted Framemov one more time for creating a new video for this journey.

Again, they were looking for a short but impressive video that showed the pillars on which they are basing their expansion in the world; teamwork, passion, and innovation.

On this occasion, apart from the video, we were also in charge of the event. The Hotel NH Collection Constanza in Barcelona was the place for the ceremony. We placed 40 led bars around the main stage of the ceremony and we used a big led screen, combined with 2 other big projection screens and 5 other plasma tv to transmit all the content of the event.

The visuals accompanied different performances during the event, all of them conducted by Enric Company


  • Client: Orange España
  • Agency: Nuria Callafel
  • Multimedia project management, design & graphics: Framemov
  • Direction & Compositing: Jorge Escobar
  • Producer: Joan Jarque
  • 3D animators: Marcelo Nardone, Mario Soeana.

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