Atento held its event within a virtual environment aimed at everyone, focused on its customers, Living Digital: Navigating altered DNA

Atento held a live event that was presented by Anne Igartiburu and Carlos López-Abadía, CEO of this company, in a totally unique virtual environment. In addition, several executives and leaders of different brands participated as speakers in the different panels of the streaming. Divided into 5 parts with different times, the event lasted approximately 3 hours.

The customer, their experience, and the latest news from the Customer Experience sector are the main topics discussed. During all parts of the event, both clients and Atento collaborators participated, where they explained their experiences and conclusions about the topic being discussed. The appearance of these people was via video conference.

Being an online and real-time event, Framemov created for Atento an immersive environment in which the hosts were enveloped in a totally virtual set. Here they could present their speeches freely, walking all around the environment and the different personalities appearing in video call inside virtual screens. All this set of details, shows a totally innovative aspect, leaving behind the boring image of a group video call.

The colors present, the figures used and all the details of this virtual set are faithful to the corporate image of the company and the theme of the event, as for example, the DNA spirals refer to the name of the streaming (Living Digital: Navigating altered DNA). 

During the process of creating this immersive environment, we created a series of previews. These give the client an idea of what the final result of the event will look and feel like. The similarity between the 3D previews and the images of the virtual event itself are identical. You can see it in the video summary of the event.


  • Client: Atento
  • Agency: Shackleton
  • Technical Partner: Area Tecnica
  • Creative & Technical Director: Jorge Escobar
  • Unreal Technician: Juanma Martínez
  • 3D Artists: Laura Triguero, Jimmy Fromage 
  • Softwares Used: Unreal Engine, Aximmetry