3D mapping projection directed by Framemov as part of the Festival “Ilumina Ávila”. Organized and produced by Rental SP together with the Avila city council.

The video mapping transformed the great wall of Avila into a large canvas, creating an immersive visual journey; a tribute from the city and its people to the victims and heroes of the pandemic.

The black and white graphics on the first part of the video represents global connections and the effects of the rapid spread of the pandemic. It is not until past the halfway point that color is introduced as a  symbol of hope, and in honor of the victims & heroes.

Technically, the projection was powered by the latest laser technology and LED lighting , covering more than 1,700 square meters of the north wall and reaching up to 90,000 lumens. The show also combined light beams to the video mapping, illuminating 20 meters towards the sky, becoming the event that has projected more light on the Wall to this day.

Wanna know more? Check it ou on Behance.


  • Direction: Jorge Escobar
  • Art Direction: Ana F. Netto
  • Producer: Joan Jarque
  • Sound designer: Miguel Ángel Cuadrado 
  • 2D&3D: Laura Trigero, Mario Seoane, Quim González, Carlos Millán, Paula Gonzalez, Carlos Arandia.
  • Technical: Rental S.P.
  • Photography: A&M Fotógrafos