Berlin Light Festival

The production of the Berlin Light Festival selected us to participate in its 2017 edition, where we had the pleasure to project on the facade of the Berlin Cathedral with our work Nature Transformation.

Nature Transformation is an audiovisual work that interprets the future vision of our world in different spaces to which we will have to adapt to continue life.
Sometimes we would like to imagine a future where nature has reconquered its space, coexists with architecture and the urban, where humans have learned that its development is fundamental to their lives. Others we imagine that the world has done nothing despite the signs, and destruction and oblivion have been inevitable.

The piece was projected during the month of September 2017 on the Berlin Cathedral.

Festival: Festival of Light Berlin
Multimedia project management, Design & Graphics: Framemov
Direction & Compositing: Jorge Escobar
2D/3D Artist: Jorge Escobar, Juliana Paola

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