2 Cities, 1 Goal: Spread Positive Energy

On December 4th, 2019, Coca-Cola spread positive Energy across Europe by hosting two connected events in 2 European cities, London and Milan. Through the generation of positive Energy by the attendants of the events, two impressive 3D projections were released at the same time.

The positive energy illuminated two iconic buildings of both cities. The London County Hall was the place chosen in the British capital; while in Milan it was projected over the entire height of one of the facades of the Allianz Tower, a 209-meter skyscraper that is the tallest tower in all of Italy

Apart from both mappings, we were also in charge of the interactivity, which consisted of converting their movements into line shapes. Dancers were placed in front of the led screens and using their bodies, they could interact with the screen content. The interactive experience began before the video show, allowing the audience to interact with the led screens through their bodies and dances and charging the energy balls in both buildings to achieve the maximum power and starting the video mapping.

We used the concept of simple 3D patterns like cubes, lines and other shapes for the video mapping show. According to the CC Energy Oficial branding, we generated the fast and intense mapping content. This project as disruptive and with a highly complex technological component. An impressive and vibrant video mapping was projected simultaneously in embassies and that is now spreading positive energy to the rest of Europe to start 2020 with positively charged batteries.

A project of these dimensions and technical complexity has revealed, once again, our demonstration of creative and innovative capacity that is also synonymous with guarantee of success and amazing results.

Jorge Escobar – Creative Director and Founder of Framemov
  • Client: Cocacola
  • Produced by: Framemov
  • Creative Director: Jorge Escobar
  • Art Direction: Ana Franco
  • 3D Artists: Marcello Nardone, Mario Seoane, Nello Rosato, Marc Costa, Juliana Rabello, Carlos Arandia, Santiago Vieito.
  • Interactive Design: Joan Raventos, Jorge Escobar