Last July 2021, we brought paradise to Santa Bárbara’s Palace en Madrid as an immersive exposition. We wanted to turn this exhibition into a road to Paradise. 

An experience that reconnects yourself with the outside world. The spectator will embark on a journey through different main elements to be immersed and imagine what it feels like to be in another place, all senses should be instigated.


Waterfalls are an inexhaustible source of beauty and freedom, so symbolic and with such an enveloping and thunderous sound, that if you are close enough to them, you can notice how the water bathes everything around you.


Around our peninsula we have fields and gardens full of different varieties of flowers that we can see how they change with the passing of time and seasons. This room captures the feeling of running through a garden in springtime.


In this dark room, optical fibers transform tree structures in waterfalls. Crossing paths gives a feeling of mission accomplished that is really satisfying.


This interactive room gains life when visitors interact with it. The animals on the walls, which before were quiet, react to the new visitor by moving and running around. The floor is interactive, so it is a fun chase to ground animals such as bugs and insects.


The atmosphere has changed, the pressure dropped. A salty smell in the air and everything moves slower. Visitors might feel they have to hold their breath while exploring this underwater room.


STOP! Hammock time! This is the last room and the perfect pitstop to lay back, relax a little and take time for appreciation before you enter the final room. The hammock room offers you a cozy space and change of perspective, taking your feet off the ground & looking up to the sky.


  • Creative &Technical Direction: Jorge Escobar
  • Art Direction: Ana F. Netto
  • Creative Producer: Joan Jarque
  • 3D & Motion Design: Laura Triguero, Daniel García, Ana F. Netto, Joaquim González, Carlos Millán
  • Agency: Fever