Cirque des Sens chose us to create the audiovisual content for the show that took place inside a huge dome, with 35 meter diameter.

The goal was to create a 360º experience that will be synchronized with the theater and dance performance that took place in the center of the Dome. During the 25-minute show, the contents had to accompany the narrative of the show performed by Cirque des Sens, sometimes as a companion, and sometimes as the main protagonist.

A show produced by Cirque des Sens:

We generated 7 scenes, two of them in loop format, and the rest synchronized to the music and time of the show, since at times there were up to 20 dancers on the scene. The story revolved around two characters who meet on the streets of Paris discovering a mutual passion for hawks. One of the characters, of Saudi origin, invited the other to travel to Arabia to get to know the animals up close. At that moment a series of sequences began in which we saw how the characters traveled from Paris to Riyadh. Once in Riyadh they traveled through the desert until they reached a camp where the youngest of the characters lived a unique experience being able to fly together with the hawks.

To meet the production needs they had to create in 3D the cities of Paris and Riyadh, an air trip with two planes from the Saudi airline, the interior of Riyadh airport, a complete desert with oasis, camels and quads included, which it was traveled first in an off-road vehicle and then flown over by a Falcon. Finally, the final part of the show took place in a camp full of tents and carpets with infinite details to cover the 360º.


As we had little time, and there was no possible margin of error, we created all the content in 360º with the help of Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses, in such a way that we created the content within a virtual world by seeing directly how our animations were inside of the dome. The client could also see our progress, which accelerated decision-making and changes. For this we use the visualization of content with virtual reality from

Technical details:

  • Dome projection: 9 projectors of 30,000 lumens
  • Total Resolution: 4000px * 4000px
  • Dome measurements: 35m in diameter and 17.5m in height


  • Client: Cirque des Sens
  • Production: Cirque des Sens
  • Art Director: Jorge Escobar, Moisés Rodríguez
  • 3D Artist: Marcello Nardone, Carlos Aranda, Juliana Rabello, Oscar Palma

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