Gore organized a 3-day corporate event at the Hotel Le Meridien Ra, with the aim of thanking their workers for their hard work. Hallways full of lasers, interactive filters with their corporate image and audiovisual projection in 270º.

For 3 days Gore employees have been able to enjoy an audiovisual experience full of lights, lasers, and content projections in 270º. A corporate event dedicated to the employees of the company to thank them for their hard work. The place chosen for the event was the Hotel Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa, a luxurious space in which several areas were occupied exclusively for this event.

The guests were met upon entering with a large hallway full of lasers accompanied by smoke, making them stand out much more. As the laser beams were more visible, it could be seen how they created a long tunnel through which to pass. To give a wow effect, at the beginning and end of this act, the lasers themselves made a game with which they cross and simulated a door that opens and closes.

Just after, a small photocall appeared with a tablet, in which there was a customized application full of filters in line with the aesthetics of the event and the corporate style of the company. All the workers were able to enjoy and get some original photos to remember those days.

Finally, everyone gathered in a large conference room, where several encouraging speeches were made in conjunction with the projection of several audiovisual pieces that occupied 3 of the 4 walls of the large room.

The projected videos starred 3D elements and dynamic animations that included words describing the great team of workers. Content that allowed immersion in the large space, as well as reflecting concepts and motivational messages to its viewers.


  • Client: GORE
  • Art Direction: Jorge Escobar
  • Technical Direction: Pepe Pérez
  • Sound Designer: Miguel Ángel Cuadrado
  • 3D Artists: Marina Busteros, Ana F. Netto, Laura Triguero, Helena Martín, Carlos Arandia
  • Technical Partner: Rental S.P.