The creation of virtual environments for INFiLED’s Virtual Production set and its participation at IBC2022

Last year, INFiLED trusted Framemov with the creation of virtual environments and a 3D video for the launch event of its new products at IBC Amsterdam 2022. These new LED screens models got showcased on a live virtual production set and a stunning 3D product video featuring all technical specifications.

International Broadcast Convention (IBC) is one of the most important events in the audiovisual field, bringing together all leading companies at broadcasting, audio, multimedia, satellite communications, Internet, radio, television and video. On a 4 days timespan, INFiLED showed the world its products making use of innovative broadcasting tech and breathtaking visual contents.

Since they were introducing technical solutions for Virtual Production and Extended Reality at the exhibition, one of the elements that stood out was a complete set of screens for performing a live Virtual Production case study. To ensure INFiLED booth wouldn´t go unnoticed, we created 2 totally innovative virtual environments for weather forecasting and sports broadcasting sets.

Creative Process

After 3D-modelling high performance assets in-house, all elements were imported into Unreal Engine 5 to tailor both environments to their final look, fully harnessing UE´s real-time rendering cappabilities. 

We also programmed specific functions to be able to customize different versions of each set live, on-the-fly, according to context needs.

Thus, environment for weather programs, for instance, would change its scenery to be in a desert, in a forest or in a stormy night at the click of a button; sports set would change color and lighting granullarly to suit the sport adressed. 

At final stage, via Disguise software, these environments were able to be streamed on LED screens and freely controlled live, updating in real time and creating an immersive and dynamic environment.


  • Client: INFiLED
  • Direction: Jorge Escobar
  • Art Direction: Ana F. Netto
  • Producer: Alba Martinez
  • 3D Environment Designers: Helena Martí, Ramón Serrate