An interactive installation full of light and interactivity presented by Framemov in the second year that participates in the festival Off Llum Barcelona.

Have you ever felt it was too bright after leaving a tunnel? That’s your retina adjusting to all of the light information that is being printed on it.

A camera shutter works in a very similar way as your own eyes: light passes through the iris diaphragm and, accordingly to the aperture, more light will strike the film or, if using a digital camera, the sensor. Therefore, the longer a detector stays opened to light, more exposed is the final image.

In such ways works our Lazer Pupil. In a visual clarification of how photoluminescence works, Lazer Pupil helps all ages enjoy fun and science at the same time.

Framemov returns to Off Llum Bcn, a circuit of small and medium format light installations, conceived and produced by Poblenou Urban District, presenting Lazer Pupil. It is an interactive light and audio installation in which every spectator will have the possibility to project their unique light print. 

Using totems equipped with Ipads, the public can choose from different pre-selected animated gifs or even create their own design. These images are projected onto a photoluminescent canvas that retains the light for a few moments, creating different ephemeral patterns.

This tour was available for 3 days in February, in which hundreds of people were able to enjoy different facilities, including ours. Our friends from Valkiria offered us the perfect space for it, a large industrial building. Pirolaser FX collaborated in this edition to be the supplier of the projectors and laser.

Collaborative project, thanks to: