During the Jornadas Condales of Fuensalida, they decided to incorporate a special video projection having the historical figure of the Counts of Fuensalida as the main theme.

Among all the scheduled activities of these Jornadas Condales in July 2022, there was a great video mapping that explains the importance of the Counts of Fuensalida and the history of the municipality. It was available on the facade of the Palace of the Counts of Fuensalida, during several passes from 23h.

A vintage theme was the protagonist, especially related to the historical figure of the Counts of Fuensalida, as well as the importance they have had in history. During 12 minutes the presence of heraldry and shields of important historical figures and several works of art related to its history such as Las Meninas or El Conde de Orgaz, among others, could be seen. In addition, legends of the municipality the legend of El Beso or El Cristo de las Cuchilladas were represented.

The personification of the palace and a voice-over narrated the story, projecting on its facade audiovisuals in 2D and 3D recreations of spaces, figures and statues, animation of animals, visual effects that play with the palace’s architectural structure as well as showing the changes it has undergone over time and finally, the appearance of the Virgen de la Soledad.

On the part of the technical team, 4 projectors of very high luminosity were used, reaching an amount of 120,000 lumens. Robotic lighting with Beam effect was used, in addition to the audio system with a totally immersive and immersive sound for the viewer.


  • Client: Fuensalida City Council
  • Art Direction: Laura Triguero
  • Producer: Alba Martínez
  • Sound Designer: Miguel Ángel Cuadrado
  • 3D, 2D Artists: Helena Martín, Carlos Arandia , Marina Busteros, Ramon Serrate
  • Technical: Rental S.P.