Framemov and The WOW Experience teamed up with El Hormiguero to produce an astonishing video mapping for the Spanish singer Pablo Alborán.

The piano for the performance had a projection on top. “El Hormiguero” audience experimented an immersive 3D visualization. The combination of the Notch 3D graphics and Pablo’s powerful lyrics connected with audiences in an innovative way.

Technical Set-UP

A video-mapping projected on a piano with 3D content rendered in real-time. For this, we have used Notch, the software that allows us to render images in real-time, and with a tracking sensor, the camera is able to show the 3D images from its point of view.

3D Composition

Creative Aspects

The video-mapping was tightly scripted and technically challenging. We created a tailor-made content for the Tv performance of the Spanish singer. It’s been fantastic to be part of Pablo Alborán performance again. We took part in the creative process for the 3D contents offering ideas and metaphors based on Pablo’s graphics, to express its message.


Pablo Alborán left all his fans speechless with his live music in ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’ and his ‘magic’ piano. Presenting a preview of his new album, Vertigo, he ended the program with a wonderful performance of his new single “Hablemos de Amor” on a piano that projected a real-time video-mapping using technology.” 

La Vanguardia – 01/12/2020


  • Creative Direction: Framemov
  • Technical partner: The Wow Experience
  • Notch composition: Jorge Escobar
  • 2D/3D Artist: Ana F. Netto, Mario Seoane, Romà Hereter
  • Special thanks to Hormiguero Team: David Fernández, María López, Almudena Cerrudos, Fernando Ramírez