An architectural Video Mapping on the facade of the University of Alcalá closed the Open Day.

The piece tells the story of the UAH in an unprecedented sound and light show in the city. A journey through the history of the University is made, from its foundation, by Cardinal Cisneros, to its closure and recovery by the Society of Condueños. That journey will continue to this day, with the restoration of the facade, which has been recognized with the Europa Nostra Award in 2018.

This Saturday, June 1, the Open Doors Day – Open University was held, to invite families and tourists who visit the city that day to learn more about the teaching offer and the research activity of a University that, today, is a benchmark in the surroundings of the Corredor del Henares, in the rest of the Community of Madrid and in Guadalajara.


  • Client: Universidad de Alcalá
  • Multimedia, design and graphics project management: Framemov
  • Direction and composition: Jorge Escobar
  • Concept artist: Juliana Rabello
  • 2D & 3D: Marcelo Nardone, Mario Soeana, Mauricio Bartolo, Joan Jarque

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