In October 2019, Orange organized a corporate meeting at the Automobile Museum of Malaga (Spain). Framemov was in charge of the visual content for this event.

Our work was inspired by Pablo Ruiz Picasso from Malaga. He was a painter, a sculptor, and the maximum expression of cubism in our country. The poet Antonio Machado was also winked with his text in «Proverbios y cantares»: “El ojo que ves no es ojo porque tú lo veas” (The eye you see is not an eye because you see it; it’s an eye because it sees you.) This was the claim of the day and of the audiovisual pieces generated by our team for the event.

Following Picasso’s cubist style, we use a 35 screen, dividing multiscreen, one central and 17 cubes on each side of it, forming an 18x4m and 6048x1344px full resolution screen.

2 animated pieces were made that introduced and dismissed the event. The combination of Picasso’s art, together with the poetry of Antonio Machado, was key to transmitting the motivation and gratitude that the brand wanted reflected in this corporate act.


  • Client: Orange España
  • Agency: Comunica +A
  • Multimedia project management, design & graphics: Framemov
  • Direction and composition: Jorge Escobar
  • Art Director: Ana Franco
  • 2D & 3D animators: Marcelo Nardone, Mario Soeana, Margarida Pereira, Juliana Rabello, Carlos Arandia

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