Step into the Luck of the Clover: Pablo Alborán’s New Album Launch Event Features Interactive Screen Floor

Last December, Framemov made it possible for fans attending the launch of Pablo Alboran’s new album to experience what it’s like to walk on luck.

The agency Newiscom asked us to create an interactive floor at the entrance of the venue where the presentation of the new album La cuarta hoja by Pablo Alborán would take place. The idea was for the public to have a first impression of the event when entering and interact with a clover floor.

The development of the installation focused on the name of the album that Pablo Alborán was introducing at the event. The LED floor, full of clovers, would react as people walked by onto it. Clovers would get pushed appart on every step, revealing the underlying cover art of the new album on an Amazon Music player UI.

This project required not only creativity, but also many technical details to be taken into account. Let’s take a closer look at how it was created.

– Visual Design

After checking with a simple demo in Unity that the ground model worked, we decided to start developing the visual and physical design of the clovers. We chose a high definition texture of a clover and took out different colors to have a not so repetitive pattern. 

Going back to Unity, we created different materials for each of our leaves, and adjusted each material to have variations. From 3 original clovers, we ended up getting 39 optimized variations.

– Interactive Design

With the visual aspect covered, it was time to polish the interactive, motor and functional aspect of the leaves. We programmed each of the clovers to contain a script that, with different vectors, would store their initial position and rotation, then determine their collision thrust, their time to return to the initial position, and the curvature function we gave them. 

For this, we needed a collider to move the clovers, conditioned by their height, radius and strength. We tested different parameters until we found the right ones. 

– Tracking Design

A key element of the project was people tracking. We decided to implant in the Rig’s feet (the avatar’s skeleton that was generated by our movement) the colliders, generating that the user pushes the clovers with his own feet.

– Technical Process

After carefully checking the performance of the application, we saw that we had to reconfigure some issues to avoid crashes. We reduced the number of clovers in the 3×3 space from 1,700 to 1,500 and disabled leaf collisions on the same layer. 

Once we had verified that the system worked for hours in our studio with no problems, it was time to take it to the event.


• Creative & Technical Direction: Framemov
• Interactive Environment & System Creator: Ramón Serrate
• Technical Partner: Visualmax
• Agency: Newiscom