ReHabilitem is a sensorial and interactive exhibition that aims to share the culture of rehabilitation with the public.

The content of the exhibition focuses on explaining how citizens can be helped to overcome the perceived barriers of bureaucracy in getting involved in a renovation project, with positive messages and clear and accessible information on how to recover this work and support from professionals in the sector and public administrations.

Panel 1: What is rehabilitation and why rehabilitate?

In this panel, we have used the touchpoints to trigger projection mapping, allowing us to tell a story in the predesigned panel and providing an engaging way to learn about rehabilitation. We used seven custom touch sensors as the interface to activate the different animations.

On the right side, there is an analogic interaction in which the public must answer some questions. If any of them is yes, the conclusion of this panel is that you need to rehabilitate. This is used as a call to action that drives the public to the next panel.

Panel 2: How do we do it and how can we help?

The different elements that make up this second panel clearly and understandably explain the instruments, the agents that participate in the rehabilitation process. We personified these different agents, and we use the touchpoints to activate a speech that clarifies how can they help you.

Also, using QR codes we embed the resources (informative websites, grants, guides, subsidies, etc.). that the public can access and save the information for whenever they need it.

If you want to know more about the process of this project and the technologies used, you must check out the blog post in which Ana explains all about it. We also have this great project in our Behance profile, don’t miss it!


  • Producer: Jorge Escobar
  • Art direction: Ana F. Netto
  • Producer: Joan Jarque
  • Animations: Ana F. Netto, Laura Triguero