“Som Capital” is a 3d mapping projection directed by Framemov for the celebration of the Catalan Culture Capital for 2020.

The piece is divided into three acts, in each of them we wanted to represent and show the cultural richness of the city: Culture, Tradition, and Heritage. An eight minutes audiovisual piece that reflects the history, tradition, and culture of the village.

All three acts are introduced and guided by a color layer animation that comes from the visual identity from the event, which was designed by a local designer and reflects the patrimonial and cultural wealth of the town.


  • Client: Ajunatment del Vendrell
  • Multimedia project management, design & graphics: Framemov
  • Direction and composition: Jorge Escobar
  • Producer: Joan Jarque
  • 2D & 3D animators: Marcelo Nardone, Mario Soeana, Juliana Rabello, Ana Franco.

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