The largest video projection of Avila organized by Rental SP & Framemov initiates the events of the IV Centenary of the Canonization of St. Teresa in the Plaza del Mercado Chico.

The representation of the history of Santa Teresa through the most important moments of his life was the great start that the city of Avila sought to commemorate the Fourth Centenary of her canonization. A 360º mapping occupied the 4 facades of the Plaza del Mercado Chico and the Tower of the Church of San Juan Bautista, during March 12 in 4 passes between 20:30h and 22h. 

A spectacular video mapping in which we could find moments related to the architecture and geometry of the square itself plus elements and details of the different stages of the life of the saint, such as her adoration of the church through the chimes of the beginning, her illness reflected in the flowers that wither but revive again, her facet as a writer with the Carmelites with the appearance of writings and the pen next to the inkwell, the transverberation with the angel wings and the heart of the saint…

12 intense minutes of projection packed with symbolism through 3D and 2D elements, both individually and together to create greater expectation. Lights accompanied the mapping, making the spectators’ experience more complete. In between passes, a small gesture of solidarity occupied the square with the illumination of the Ukrainian flag.

Technically, 6 high luminosity projectors were used, reaching a total of 170,000 lumens. The lights used were low consumption and high-efficiency LEDs.

In addition, an audio system was created to obtain a fully enveloping and immersive sound for the audience, by installing 4 sound points in each corner of the square. Thus, the actual sound power in the square amounted to 50,600 watts RMS.

You can enjoy this video mapping in 360 degrees as if you were in the square itself and even watch it with VR glasses. Available with a quality that reaches 8K.


  • Direction: Jorge Escobar
  • Art Direction: Ana F. Netto
  • Technical Direction: Pepe Pérez
  • Producer Director: Francisco Yepes
  • Communication: Joan Jarque, Alba Martínez
  • Sound designer: Miguel Ángel Cuadrado 
  • 2D & 3D: Laura Triguero, Helena Martí, Jimmy Fromage, Rogelio Magaña, Carlos Arandia, Marina Busteros
  • Technical: Rental S.P.
  • 360 Video: JA Benito