In February 2020, the second edition of the Festival OFF LLUM BCN took place in Poblenou neighborhood. We were invited to participate and came up with an interactive light and sound installation called THE CUBE.

The Cube is a hexahedron structure made of led bars that instigate spectators, transmit emotions, and tells a story using chromatic variations and a soundtrack. The installation mood draws a line between love and fear: two stories enlightened the public and the room. The first one produces tension, fear and goes with the impulse of sound. On the contrary, the second story reflects the stages of love between a couple on their first date, where they fell in love.

Once you pass through the cube, an interactive screen with particles is waiting for the public. They move with your own body and make the spectator interact with the content, feeling part of the experience. All this room, where the installation was placed, had a laser light as well in order to expand and increase the light sensation.

Our friends from Valkiria IFF offered us the perfect space for it, a big industrial warehouse. But our installation only covered one area of the space. So, in order to a final moment to the experience, we created IFFINITY, an open call exhibition for emerging artists. 


  • Creative Director: Jorge Escobar
  • 2D/3D Artist: Anna F. Netto, Marcello Nardone, Mario Seoane
  • Producer: Joan Jarque Soler
  • Technical partners: Rental SP, Pirolaserfx