Thermomix Mapping Dance

During the month of August, we worked for Fácilmente Producciones and the Thermomix brand for whom we created a spectacular Mapping Dance. We have extensive experience in this type of work and we made all phases of production, creating a choreography according, recording chroma key, VFX, and adjustment for the final video-mapping.

We also have a team of dancers with whom we do this type of project that has extensive experience in this type of show.


  • Client: Thermomix España
  • Agency: Fácilmente Produccines
  • Multimedia project management, Design & Graphics: Framemov
  • Direction & Compositing: Jorge Escobar
  • 2D Artist: Jorge Escobar, Juliana Paola
  • AV Technicians: Fácilmente Producciones

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