Audiovisual presentation for the X Adeslas Insurance Forum, a modern and direct piece to convey the values of the company.

For the second time, Adeslas trusted us again for the creation of an audiovisual piece for the presentation of the X Foro de Seguros de Salud Adeslas. This is a corporate event that dealt with the way in which digital transformation is definitely changing the sector. This audiovisual piece kicked off the event and different talks, round tables. Different well-known personalities and directors of the company attended the event. 

The content consisted of a modern style, simple, direct concepts and at the same time the animation of elements of nature in 3D: a drop falling on a leaf after the rain, a flower which is blooming as time goes by, leaves that are moving in an enveloping way… A content that sought to give prominence to the different values of Adeslas: connection, context, commitment, future, and experience.

The 3D content in this audiovisual piece has a lot of presence, that’s why we used the most current software of the moment, such as Xparticles, Cinema 4D, and Octane.


  • Client: Adeslas
  • Art Direction: Jorge Escobar
  • 2D & 3D: Ana F. Netto, Leonardo Rincón
  • 3D Environment Adeslas Video: Helena Martín, Laura Triguero