[Client: Adeslas]
[Production: Framemov]
[Creative Director: Jorge Escobar]
[3D Artists: Leonardo Rincón]
[Video Compo: Ana F. Netto, Santiago Vieito]
[3D Environment Adeslas Video: Iván Rodríguez]

Hyper-realistic 3D meets corporate storytelling, transforming corporate messages into nature-inspired visual narratives.

For three remarkable editions, Framemov has had the honor of collaborating with Adeslas, bringing to life the opening video for the Adeslas Insurance Forum. Each year, we’ve pushed the boundaries of digital storytelling, crafting an audiovisual piece that not only sets the tone for this prestigious corporate event but also vividly communicates the company’s core values through the beauty of digital transformation.

Our creations have centered around the interplay of nature and technology. From the journey of a hyper-realistic water droplet navigating the contours of a leaf into the tranquil embrace of a lake, to the delicate unfurling of a pink lotus flower revealing its intricate details, and the gentle dance of dandelions in the wind—each element has been rendered with painstaking detail using cutting-edge software like Xparticles, Cinema 4D, and Octane. These visuals not only captivate the audience but also metaphorically reflect Adeslas’ commitment to connection, context, and the future.

Amongst these, the standout elements— the detailed chameleon showcasing the finesse of its skin and movements, the water drop’s serene journey, and the dandelions’ synchronized flight—exemplify our commitment to hyper-realism and immersive animation. Other features, including the unique feather-like leaves, the rhythmic sway of bamboo, and the slow reveal of a snail through particles, further enrich the narrative, showcasing the versatile potential of 3D art in conveying complex messages.

This partnership with Adeslas for the X Foro de Seguros de Salud has been a testament to Framemov’s dedication to blending artistic vision with technological prowess. As the fair continues, we invite attendees to immerse themselves in this visual symphony at the Adeslas stand, where every frame speaks of innovation and the transformative power of nature-inspired design.

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