Benidorm Fest

Experiential / Light Art

[Client: Maria Pelae]
[Produced by: Framemov]
[Creative Director: Jorge Escobar]
[2D & 3D Artists: Jorge Escobar, Laura Triguero]
[Lighting Designer: Caco García]

Benidorm Fest 2024: crafting visuals that dance with music, a journey of light, color, and emotion in this Live Performance

For Benidorm Fest 2024, Framemov embarked on an ambitious project to blend visual artistry with the live musical performance of Maria Pelae, focusing on creating an environment where visuals, sound and light coexist in perfect harmony. Our mission was to create visuals that not only complemented but also elevated her musical presentation, crafting an environment where light, color, and music intertwined seamlessly.

Central to our design philosophy was a nuanced approach to color. We distilled the visuals to their essence, employing a spectrum that ranged from the serene hues of blue to the intense warmth of passionate reds. The use of gradients and abstract geometry allowed us to create a dynamic, yet clean visual narrative. These deliberate choices ensured a perfect synchronization between music, lighting, and imagery, creating a cohesive experience that enhanced the emotional impact of each song.

The visual play extended beyond simple color transitions; it was about the movement of colors across the stage, their interaction, and the mesmerizing fusions they created. Bright reds, electric blues, and intense turquoises were blended with stark whites and deep blacks, each color chosen to resonate with specific moments of the performance, reflecting the song’s mood and amplifying its message. This wasn’t just about adding a background; it was about crafting an immersive experience that elevated the audience’s engagement, making each song a journey through color and light.

Our contribution to Maria Pelae’s performance at Benidorm Fest underscores Framemov’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of live event visuals. By focusing on the intimate relationship between color, light, and sound, we not only supported the artistry of Maria Pelae but also provided the audience with a visually stunning experience that lingered long after the music faded.

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