Coca-Cola Music Experience 2023

Advertising / Experiential

[Client: Coca-Cola]
[Agency: Caco García]
[Coke Studio Moments produced by: Framemov]
[Creative Director: Jorge Escobar]
[2D & 3D Artists: Laura Triguero, Iván Rodríguez, Santiago Vieito, Jorge Escobar]
[Light Designer: Caco García]

Visualising the beat: Creating visual experiences for Coke Studio Moments at Coca-Cola Music Experience 2023.

At Coca-Cola Music Experience 2023, we had the unique opportunity to create the visuals for the featured “Coke Studio Moments”. During these segments, the Coca-Cola dance team took the stage with choreographed performances, accompanied by captivating visuals we designed to complement each moment and song.

For the track “Camaleón,” we designed a vibrant environment with neon lights and natural elements, symbolizing the song’s title of a chameleon’s habitat. For “Fulanito”, the visuals transformed the stage into a city at sunset, harmonizing with Coca-Cola’s iconic tones and merging with the dancing silhouettes. For “Tiki Tiki”, we opted for an abstract approach that pulsed with the music, focusing on the lyrics through changing patterns and colors. And for “Punto 40”, we captured the aggressive energy of the song with images of bullets and loudspeakers, fully immersing the audience in the experience.

Aside from our work on Coke Studio Moments, we also played a key role in the launch of Coke 3000, a futuristic version of Coca-Cola presented during the festival. For this launch, we developed specific visual content that helped introduce this innovative product to the public, highlighting its vision of the future through eye-catching visuals accompanied by empowering music.

Additionally, much of the visual content we created for the festival was developed using Notch VFX, a real-time visual content generation software. This tool allowed us to make instant adjustments and dynamically adapt to the needs of the event, ensuring seamless visual integration and a complete experience for attendees.

Through this collaboration, we not only supported the impressive performances of the Coca-Cola team but also helped set a benchmark in innovative product presentation, ensuring that each visual not only entertained but also amplified the impact of each moment of the festival.

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