Foro Impulsa Popular

Experiential / Advertising

[Client: Impulsa Popular Bank]
[Produced by: Framemov]
[Direction: Jorge Escobar]
[Producer: Alba Martínez]
[Art Direction: Santiago Vieito, Laura Triguero, Leonardo Rincón]
[2D & 3D Artists: Laura Triguero, Leonardo Rincón, Santiago Vieito, Iván Rodriguez, Adrián Guzmán, Arnau Fornas]
[Video Compo: Santiago Vieito]
[Unreal Engine 5 Mockup: Iván Jiménez]

Transforming spaces with 360º content: our audiovisual innovation at Banco Popular Dominicano’s Impulsa Popular 2024 Forum.

At the tenth edition of the Impulsa Popular Forum, commemorating the 60th anniversary of Banco Popular Dominicano, our studio was pivotal in shaping and executing the audiovisual content strategy that brought the event to life. This year’s forum, which delved into the integration of artificial intelligence in business, was enhanced by our innovative use of immersive environments and advanced screen installations across various event spaces.

The journey began in a circular room where we strategically placed two screens—one overhead and another along the curved wall—to showcase dynamic plexus animations. This setup submerged attendees in a tech-inspired ambiance, aligned with the forum’s theme. These visuals were skillfully paired with depictions of Banco Popular’s mobile applications, weaving the bank’s corporate identity into the digital narrative.

As attendees moved towards the main forum area, they were guided through a transition corridor where three variably-sized screens continued the plexus motif, providing a visual continuity that led them to the event’s central hub.

The main hall, designed to accommodate over 300 people, featured an impressive installation of LED screens that enveloped all four walls, including the stage. Overcoming the technical challenge of managing a display resolution exceeding 20,000 pixels, we ensured that every visual was crisp and impactful. Our creative team was responsible for all the visuals and graphic content displayed, maintaining a coherent aesthetic throughout the venue.

A highlight was the production of a one-minute impact video, unveiled mid-forum, which not only reinvigorated the audience but also seamlessly transitioned into Banco Popular’s corporate segments. This video masterfully merged the overarching event aesthetics with tailored visual elements from the bank, underscoring our studio’s role in creating a cohesive and engaging audiovisual experience.

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