[Client: Gatekeeper]
[Produced by: Framemov]
[Direction: Jorge Escobar]
[Producer: Alba Martínez]
[Art Direction: Laura Triguero, Leonardo Rincón]
[2D & 3D Artists: Laura Triguero, Leonardo Rincón, Santiago Vieito, Iván Rodríguez, Iván Jiménez]
[Video Compo: Santiago Vieito]
[Sound designer: Miguel Ángel Cuadrado]
[Technical Partner: Rental S.P.]

Transforming medical conferences: pioneering digital health through immersive audiovisuals, synchronized lighting, and dynamic displays.

In late November, at the grand CaixaBank Theater in Madrid, Framemov had the privilege of bringing the “Gatekeeper” project to life—an ambitious European initiative aimed at enhancing digital health solutions. Our task was to transform the Gran Teatro La Estación into a hub of innovation, where health sector professionals could share and discover groundbreaking research and developments.

Our role encompassed the entire audiovisual setup, crafting an environment that not only supported but enhanced the delivery of complex information. Utilizing nine screens, a large stage screen flanked by eight towering vertical displays, we created a deeply immersive experience that captivated attendees from the outset.

Adjacent to the main screen, LED bars were installed to further enrich the visual experience. These were programmed to synchronize with the colors and patterns displayed on the main screen, creating a cohesive and immersive environment that extended beyond the digital displays to the physical space of the stage.

The visual narrative of the event was anchored by the symbol of a water drop, representing incremental progress toward substantial health advancements. This motif was dynamically integrated into all visual elements, evolving through five distinct environments to reflect the event’s thematic shifts—from general digital health discussions to specific focuses like European health data and AI innovations.

Each presentation phase was visually distinct yet cohesive, starting with a gradient-themed backdrop sprinkled with water droplets, progressing through linear particle animations, and culminating in 3D spirals that drew the audience into a unified visual journey.

To kick off the event, we debuted a one-minute video across all screens, previewing the thematic visual transformations set to unfold. This not only set the tone but also ensured that every participant, whether onsite or joining via live stream, was fully engaged from the first moment. Our comprehensive approach extended beyond the event space to the live stream, where we managed all visual elements, ensuring a seamless and professional presentation for remote viewers.

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