[Client: GSK]
[Produced by: Framemov]
[Direction: Jorge Escobar]
[Art Direction: Santiago Vieito]
[2D & 3D Artists: Leonardo Rincón, Santiago Vieito, Mauricio Rubinstein, Iván Rodríguez]
[Sound designer: Miguel Ángel Cuadrado]
[Technical Partner: Rental S.P.]

Showcasing the Power of Prevention: GSK Event Merges Art, Technology, and Healthcare Through Creative Audiovisuals.

For a groundbreaking event hosted by pharmaceutical company GSK, our team at Framemov was presented with a unique challenge: to convey the concept that prevention is the best cure without making the message too stark or direct. The event seamlessly integrated themes of music, painting, sculpture, photography and writing, each creatively illustrating aspects of healthcare and prevention.

For the music theme, we placed musical instruments such as violins, drums and trombones within a visually dynamic drop of water. Notch VFX was used to animate these instruments in real time, morphing and reacting to the background music. This immersive setup not only showcased our technical prowess, but also enhanced the audience experience by synchronising visual changes with auditory cues.

For the sculpture display, we chose the dramatic figure of ‘Laocoon and His Sons’, set against a backdrop of dark tones and illuminated by red laser lights. This stark contrast between classical art and modern technology underlined the event’s theme of the enduring human struggle against disease, with the lasers symbolising cutting-edge medical technology.

Other additional artistic elements were related to photography, where we created a 3D environment that simulated a darkroom, where photos appeared to be hanging from clips on a string, giving a tactile feel to digital images. Painting, too, was imagined as a minimalist art gallery where digital renditions of artworks were displayed on the walls and could be viewed in 3D from different angles. Finally, for the literary arts of writing, we designed a backdrop that resembled a library with books and shelves, where phrases and excerpts from poems created specifically for the event floated across the scene, inviting participants to reflect on the narratives that are woven into the fabric of healthcare.

The visual content was projected onto four large screens strategically placed around the venue to ensure maximum visibility. The two central screens were more square for focused viewing, while the two outer screens provided panoramic views. Complementing this arrangement, twelve 1m LED bars were installed around the central stage area, echoing the colour themes displayed on the screens to create a cohesive and immersive environment.

This project for GSK not only highlighted our ability to integrate complex visual narratives into live events, but also demonstrated how art and technology can be used to deepen understanding and engagement with healthcare issues.

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