Light Art

[Client: MWCB]
[Agency: WeAreFirma]
[Lightning Support: Framemov]
[Creative Director: Jorge Escobar]
[Light visuals animator: Iván Rodríguez]
[Technical Partner: Rental S.P.]

“Jump2Digital”: Awakening Digital Transformation with a Luminous and Musical Entrance in the Heart of Barcelona.

For the Jump2Digital event organized by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, our task was to design a welcoming experience that would not only impress, but also symbolize the innovative spirit of the event. We created in a rectangular structure an original design of LED bars on polycarbonate vinyl, strategically placed at the entrance to capture the attention of visitors from the very first moment.

This installation was not only a visual spectacle, but a dynamic representation of the event’s theme: digital transformation. Accompanying the lights, an original piece of music, composed and designed by our team, set the rhythm of the light animations, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for the attendees.

This integrated approach demonstrated how technology and art can merge to create memorable and meaningful experiences, resonating perfectly with the event’s purpose of promoting technological innovation.

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