Simon Lab 24


[Client: Simon]
[Agency: Proto.Black]
[Produced by: Framemov]
[Direction: Jorge Escobar]
[Producer: Alba Martínez]
[Art Direction: Laura Triguero]
[2D & 3D Artists: Laura Triguero, Santiago Vieito, Guillem Ferrer]

Creating Immersive Visual Content for Simon at Light & Building 2024: Innovative Audiovisual Design Across Multiple Environments.

At the Light & Building 2024 fair, Framemov collaborated with Simon, a company foccused on low-voltage electrical equipment in Spain, to design and produce dynamic visual content for their exhibition stand. This project involved a comprehensive approach, with audiovisual elements displayed on multiple screens of varying sizes, transforming each section of the stand into a unique environment.

The Simon stand was divided into five main areas, each showcasing low-consumption lighting solutions for offices, hotels, private homes, and outdoor spaces, plus an area dedicated exclusively to the brand.. Our team developed tailored content for each of these environments, employing 65-inch vertical screens for product videos that highlighted Simon’s innovative offerings. These product-focused videos featured animations and designs that effectively communicated the product’s key attributes.

Also, larger horizontal screens displayed more abstract content that visually represented each area’s theme. These screens utilized a minimalist design approach with black-and-white color schemes, emphasizing light and shadow to create a distinctive aesthetic that aligned with the brand’s identity. Superimposed texts conveyed key concepts for each environment, adding context to the visuals.

Outdoor Environment, 3D shadows mimicked tree leaves and road layouts, with concepts like “Walk, Drive, Admire, and Discover.”

Hotel Environment, shots included balconies with glass railings, and high-up rooms with clouds passing by, focusing on “Travel, Relax, Enjoy and Dream.”

Office Environment, facades of large buildings with expansive windows, with concepts like “Inspire, Meet, Think, and Create.”

Home Environment, plays of light and shadow through staircases and windows, with animations of blinds that adjust the light. The concepts here were “Live, Share, Relax, and Connect.”

Using the 3D NotchVFX program, we created real-time content that adapted to the context and delivered a seamless experience across the stand. Additionally, panoramic screens displayed a video focused entirely on Simon’s brand story, verticals, and core values. This video, with its dark backgrounds and vibrant halos of light, offered a compelling narrative that captivated viewers.

This project demonstrated our expertise in designing engaging audiovisual content for corporate events, transforming an exhibition stand into an interactive and visually stimulating experience that communicated Simon’s brand message effectively.

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