Toledo tiene estrella


[Client: Toledo City Council]
[Multimedia project management, design & graphics: Framemov]
[Direction and composition: Jorge Escobar]
[Producer: Joan Jarque]
[2D & 3D animators: Mario Soeana, Ana Franco, Marcelo Nardone, Juliana Rabello, Carlos Arandia, Mauricio Bartolo, Daniel Boada, Ernesto Sánchez]

A Christmas Spectacle Reimagined: ‘Toledo Tiene Estrella’ Lights Up Puerta de Bisagra with Inclusive Wonder

In the heart of Toledo, beneath the historic arches of Puerta de Bisagra, a festive tradition was reborn with an enchanting twist. “Toledo Tiene Estrella,” organized by the Toledo City Council, has always been a beacon of holiday spirit, but this year’s event transcended expectations, weaving a tapestry of inclusivity and innovation into the fabric of Christmas celebration.

On the evenings of December 20 and 21, we, alongside our esteemed Rental SP technical team, unveiled a video mapping masterpiece that captivated the imagination of all who gathered. This year’s narrative was nothing short of magical, featuring the beloved Three Kings who, with a little help from the children of Toledo, traded their camels for zeppelins to ensure no gift was delivered late. Through a blend of whimsical character animation and breathtaking video mapping effects, we invited the youngest of Toledo to immerse themselves in the wonder of the season.

Yet, our vision extended beyond the marvels of technology and storytelling. Under the guidance of Jorge Escobar, Framemov’s Creative Director, we embraced the challenge of crafting the “most inclusive” audiovisual show to date. An exclusive session tailored for individuals with autism and other sensitivities was thoughtfully designed to captivate without overwhelming, featuring softer lighting and adjusted audio to create a serene, yet equally mesmerizing, experience.

Adding a layer of auditory enchantment, the show featured the voices of renowned dubbing actors and actresses. From Luis Posada, the Spanish voice of cinematic icons like Jim Carrey and Leonardo DiCaprio, to Marta Covas and Óscar Barberán, known for their roles in Dragon Ball Z and as Woody in Toy Story, respectively, each voice brought a unique sparkle to the narrative, enriching the storytelling with their distinctive charm.

“Toledo Tiene Estrella” was more than an audiovisual celebration; it was a testament to the power of community, creativity, and inclusivity. By reimagining a beloved tradition through the lens of universal accessibility, we not only shared the magic of Christmas with a broader audience but also illuminated the night sky with a message of hope and unity that resonates beyond the festive season.

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