How immersive spaces help connecting with the audience and embrace storytelling

We naturally like to be surprised, and nowadays this is becoming more and more complicated. In every sense of the word. We are getting used to the fact that most of the material we consume on a daily basis is full of energy, uses fantastic audiovisuals, and has an amazing background melody that draws us in even deeper.

For this very reason, not only advertising is in this situation, but also events, and even daily activities are marked by this progress.

Many have had to innovate the current situation in which they find themselves and adapt to the technologies that we have present today, so this has resulted in several changes that are beginning to appear: the use of immersive and audiovisual installations.

Leisure and art activities, the retail sector, tourism, medicine… There are already several pioneers who have dared to use this type of installation in several of their events and activities, managing to stand out from the rest.

Immersive Exhibition: Corona Paradise

Exhibitions are already “boring” if only the exhibits and little else are on display. So here it was a whole new experience, organized by a well-known beer brand, Corona. This exhibition consisted of a series of 6 rooms with various installations in different places with different elements that made you feel like the name of the event itself said: “Corona PARADISE“, in paradise.

Christmas chocolate tasting: Chocolate Experience

What would be a simple dinner while they explain how chocolate is made, turned into an audiovisual experience. Add to the table a projection from above that matched the impressive images that were shown on a large screen. Audiovisuals of the chocolate creation process, plus several others, background words from the spokesperson, and background music made the dinner even more fun and entertaining than it could have been.

Audiovisual Content: Bershka Led Installation

The window dressing and interior decoration of the stores play a very important role in attracting customers and encouraging them to come in. So Bershka found a great opportunity in these installations with the help of Instronic: they added some LED screens of different shapes in which they showed different patterns of lights, words, and images. Practically, all these audiovisual clips are the ones we created to be shown on these screens. The set of clothes, the decoration of the store itself, and the lights and images on the screens managed to connect much more with their audience, in addition to attracting a lot of attention.

Video Mapping & Interactive Screens: CC Energy launch

The launch of a product is a very important event for a company, but if it is Coca-Cola’s it means that it will be done in a big way and that is what happened with the presentation of Coca-Cola Energy, together with the help of Framemov and MKTG. In the capital cities of London and Milan, a video mapping took place at the same time on the tallest building in each city. In addition, there were interactive screens on which the public interacted with their bodies and dances to charge some energy balls, get the maximum power and thus start the show.

These 4 projects in which we have had the opportunity to participate, have shown us that more and more these new installations give an added value, surprise and attract a lot of public and give something to talk about, besides increasing the notoriety of those who use them as well as those who create them. All this means that the solution to the monotonous and usual is the presence of immersive and audiovisual installations.

By Alba Martínez, Framemov Digital Content Creator