Workplace Innovation company Valkiria joins Jorge Escobar at Valkiria Afterwork to talk about how the audiovisual sector has had to reinvent itself during the pandemic.

The situation in which we have found ourselves since 2020 has led practically all audiovisual companies to adapt to new conditions, to which a few have been able to adapt.

The company Valkiria has decided to carry out a new project called “Valkiria Afterwork” in which post-work talks will be held with friends from the MICE sector in Barcelona. For the premiere, the first guest is Jorge Escobar, creative director of the audiovisual content creation company Framemov.

During this interview, several questions were put on the table: What has the pandemic meant for the MICE sector in Barcelona? What are the trends in virtual events? Does this new type of event really have a future?

After the tremendous crisis caused by the Coronavirus, many companies have had to cancel their plans, as they have not been able to carry them out because the restrictions do not allow it, but Framemov has offered them very creative alternatives to carry them forward. This is when virtual or hybrid events, streamings, augmented reality, virtual production… Concepts and actions that not many knew about, until today.

Alba Martínez – Community Manager at Framemov