Video Mapping

Framemov has +10 years of experience in creating all kinds of video mappings. We love to tell stories that enroll with the audience through a powerful narrative, great visual graphics, and elaborated sound effects.

Video mapping is a very interesting challenge that can be used for a big variety of corporate and cultural purposes.

We can transform a gastronomy event into a light show, engage employees at a corporate meeting, or showcase in style the launch of a brand new product.

Size matters? It actually doesn’t. Video Mapping allows us to transform any kind of facade into a screen.

So far we have mixed light and sound to create bright content for festivals, corporate events, domes and much more!

Virtual Production

Stream virtual and hybrid events using extended reality or greenscreen.

Audiovisual Content

Tell engaging stories with consistent visual & sound communication.

Immersive Installations

Improve your audience's experience through immersive installations.

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