It is clear that E-sports are here to stay, every year their popularity rate increases among children, young people and even adults, and not only notoriety, investments in the sector are growing and viewers on major streaming platforms are increasing compared to previous years.

Just like the most important sporting events worldwide, such as the Super Bowl or the World Cup, E-Sports also have spectacular audiovisual and musical events, and some even use augmented reality to give an unexpected twist and achieve the WOW effect on spectators.

League of Legends Opening Ceremony | Finals | 2017 World Championship by Riot Games

Not only the audiovisual part stands out, the environment where the players compete is also a highlight, the structure of the stage, lights, and decoration accompany the aesthetics of the event and help the immersiveness of the event.

As the industry grows, the production quality of the events will increase. A few years ago we did not imagine the mega productions that the world of e-sports had to offer, and not only E-Sports, the shows as such have also evolved.

The different competitions that take place every year

As main events of the sector we have:

Worlds – League of Legends
Valorant Champions – Valorant
Six Invitational – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
IEM / Major – Counter Strike Global Offensive
The International – Dota 2
Overwatch League / Overwatch World Cup – Overwatch 2

When it comes to making attendees vibrate, Riot Games is one of the companies in the industry that does not fail, performance, music and environments make each event they produce is unique, none will be equal to the previous one, that’s why their events reach millions of viewers around the world.

Events produced by Riot Games

Last year Lil Nas X was named “President of League of Legends”, although this is not official as such gives to understand the magnitude to what we are getting, his collaboration allowed to have a skin for a character of the video game and a song which he sang in the final of one of the biggest tournaments of E-Sports.

A great artist needs a great presentation, and the rapper’s performance was considered one of the best in the industry in recent years. The projection of the audiovisuals on the canvases made the singer and the dancers to be inside the “magic” that was happening, also this type of projection was used in previous years’ events.

Not only last year was something spectacular in this type of events, Riot Games has an incredible trajectory, Imagine Dragons had two collaborations with Enemy and Warriors songs, in 2018 K/DA would be one of the main groups in League of Legends events conformed by different characters of the video game as if they were “Idols”.

The augmented reality was a great tip when it came to “give life” to the virtual characters, although on stage you could not see their performance, attendees could see through the screens of the stadium as the group interacted with the stage and the singers, people watching from home could also enjoy the performance, as it was broadcast by major streaming platforms.

This is the beginning of something big and not only for E-Sports, but for the world of events, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds every day, technology that is used in this type of events, these shows have not yet reached the ceiling and in turn have a giant potential that every day leaves viewers open-mouthed.

Alex Pilligua – Community Manager at Framemov